Sunday, July 02, 2006

Carville & Penn Pimp Hillary in WaPost

James Carville and Mark J. Penn argue that Hillary is strong, smart, and a fighter. She plays to win. And she won't be swiftboated. They're right. What they leave out is that she's also an inauthentic, calculating triangulator. Her support of a futile anti-flag-burning statute (when flag-burning is practically non-existent) is pandering of the crassest and silliest sort. Anybody expect Hillary to raise her smart, strong, voice in defense of a free press? Hillary won't be swift-boated, but she'll keep her head down while the NYT and LAT are under assault. It's not enough to know that she'll fight for herself. I'm looking for someone who will fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Consitution.