Monday, July 03, 2006

New Yorker just posted the new Seymour Hersh

The Cheney administration has Bush rattling sabres over Iran's nuke policy. But this time the sabres are rattling back. Hersh has ferreted out a surprising (to me) amount of military push-back on the option of taking out the Iranian nuclear capability with a bombing campaign.

Steve Soto
in the Left Coaster has some additional comments from one of Hersh's sources, retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner:
This has to be seen as a watershed event. The military have challenged the White House. It was more subtle than MacArthur in Korea, but still it is a major challenge. They have been stage props for photo ops for too long; they are saying enough is enough.
The White House has made the case that you can't challenge the President on National Security because of the supposed unusual circumstances of the time. In less than a week, that notion has been broken by the Supreme Court. Now the military have broken it.