Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman vs. Superman vs. Superman...

The best promotional artifact created to pump up ticket sales for the new Superman movie is a cable show running on the National Geographic channel under the name "The Science of Superman." The putative science isn't what's cool here. What's cool is that the show cuts together most of the instantiations we've seen of Superman— from the comics, the Fleischer cartoons, the fifties TV series, the Christopher Reeves movies, Lois & Clark Smallville, and, of course, the current effort. There's a sequence on each of the iconic super powers (flying, bullets bouncing, x-ray specs, missing the door and coming through the wall)--and we get to see each era's visualization of that power.

If I were the current players in the roles of Superman and Lois, I'd have tried to stop this shot-for-shot comparison with actors who did it much better.

(There are a few broadcasts remaining, so set your Moxi--or lesser DVR if you have one).

BTW: in 1978, Christopher Reeve, the guy playing Superman was billed third (behind Brando and Hackman) and Margo Kidder as Lois was billed eighth (behind Trevor Howard as 1st Elder—1st Elder?!). Boy did she have a crappy agent. And, yes, George Reeves had the biggest "S" and the biggest ass.

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