Monday, July 17, 2006

Supply your own egg puns

Ed Martin in says CBS is planning to advertise fall shows by laser-printing ads onto eggs. They're counting on four impressions per egg. Once when you inspect the carton at the supermarket. Second, when you unpack the eggs onto the egg rack in the fridge. (oops, I leave mine in the carton). Third, when you take the egg to cook it. Fourth when you throw the egg shell out. (assuming you haven't destroyed the ad in the process).

And this is why I'm proud to be in marketing.

My bet is that the first impression will be the last. Ick, these eggs have been tampered with. I'm calling the manager.

Of course, if this campaign runs through Halloween, there's a whole new set of impressions that can come into play.


R2 said...

I guess the "yolk's" on us!

I'm sorry - that wasn't very runny ... er... funny.