Friday, July 07, 2006

That's right, I'm not from Texas

But I love Lyle Lovett anyway. He's in town for two dates at Chateau Ste Michelle Winery, the first of which I attended tonight, the second of which you should try to catch tomorrow. (Who knows, I might be back.)

He brought His Large Band, including the amazing Francine Reed of Atlanta, who has also recorded with my bud Jez Graham. (See also this morning's entry).

Lyle Lovett and His Large Band bring a little church, a little country, a little blues, a little bluegrass, a little jazz, a lot grace, a lot of class, sly lyrics, and a stage full of great musicians from L.A., Nashville, Atlanta, and Texas. A fine show. It may be coming to your town soon. It's a dilly.

(tags: music, Lyle Lovett, concert, Francine Reed, blues, bluegrass)


JamesJez said...

Thanks for the link my friend. I'm glad you got to see Francine. She just left Atlanta a couple weeks ago, so it must have been one of the first Lyle gigs of the summer.
BTW Francince sings with me on the new Jez/Stevie cd. It's not on Itunes yet(still working on distribution)but I have that cut(Goodness) up here-

Mickeleh said...

Looking forward to seeing you on iTunes. Get your piano solo music up there too. That music is so good, I listen to it every day. Great range.