Friday, August 11, 2006

Kit for using Nike + sensor with any shoe

Now it's a special Nike shoe plust a sensor plus an iPod nano.

Soon it's whatever shoes you want plus Nike plus iPod. Dr. Bott has announced a $10 bit of velcro and neoprene that neatly attaches a Nike+ sensor to any running shoe you favor. (provided it has laces... and most do.) "Available for pre-order." (An odd phrase. Pre-order is what? before you order? It's not available before you order. Quite the opposite. You order it today and they send it to you some time in the future when they start making them. Shouldn't that be called not available yet?)

BTW... I blogged about the Nike plus a while back when I got it. Still use it. Still love it. And I'm ten pounds lighter.


cogwac said...

yeah, but didn't the 10 lbs mostly come out of your wallet?

Mickeleh said...

Come to think of it... you're right. ;)