Friday, August 04, 2006

Merc Opposes DOPA (Delete Online Predators Act)

The San Jose Mercury News, today, asks the Senate to kill the DOPA bill, which passed the House last week 410-15.

DOPA is yet another bill with a fine Orwellian name like the “Patriot Act.” DOPA stands for “Delete Online Predators Act.” How can you possibly oppose that? Are you in favor of online preditors? Do you want to put our children at risk? The unassailable name, however, conceals much mischief.

Turns out this bill claims to target predators, but in reality targets technologies that may be used by predators. You know, the way robbers use guns. DOPA would requires schools and libraries to block all websites with social interactions. This from the folks who love to say “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” How many of the sponsors of internet technology restrictions are ready to sign up for tight gun controls if we name the bill SARA (Stop Armed Robbery Act). Well, we know how busy Congress is--they're all up for re-election this year. Maybe they didn't read past the title page of the bill.

House passage of the bill was scarcely covered at all in the mainstream press. You can read more in this post at TechCrunch.