Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paris surges past our Long Tail Video

Less than a month ago, I posted on YouTube, the Long Tail video that I did with Peter Hirshberg and Bob Kalsey. It's nearly up to 340,000 viewings. Which I'm pretty happy about. On the other hand a certain hotel heiress has a video that just went up yesterday and it has already surged past Long Tail. And hers is black and white.

Maybe it's just the extra publicity kick from Steve Rubel's mention of it when he covered the debut of the new branded channel service from YouTube

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Anonymous said...

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Juimmy Flirten said...

Where can we view the logn tail video. Can you please place a URL to it ?

Mickeleh said...

The Long Tail video is here on YouTube.

I'm going to add a link in the side bar as well. thanks for the prod.