Friday, November 03, 2006

Moxi Nominated for Third Emmy

Scoble mentioned that was nominated for an Advanced Media Emmy. Congrats to them.

That sent me scurrying (well, clicking) to check the Emmy press release. I'm happy to see that Moxi is nominated a third time, having won in the two previous years. The awards will be announced at CES.

But the big news here is not who got nominations: it's what categories are now up for an Emmy. The television Academy recognizes how radically video production, distribution, and ad models are changing.

Apple, Real, Microsoft, and Adobe will share an award for Streaming Media Architectures and Components.

New categories honor advances in new ad insertion techniques, interactive experiences, and new U-I concepts for game boxes (Sony's Xross Media Bar), mobile phones (GoTV, and Motorola's Screen3.

One of the prime movers in getting the Academy to develop new award categories for tecnology is Shelly Palmer who chairs the Advanced Media Committee of the Academy. He's one of the few players grounded both the old media view of TV (and its ad models) and the new media view (still seeking a sound ad model). His latest post takes a 50,000 foot view of what it will take to put net video advertising on a sound footing.

Mickeleh's Take: Congrats to all the nominees. One of the last projects I did before leaving Digeo was working on the demo for the third Emmy application. One of the best projects was working as creative director with an amazing team of designers, developers, consultants, and usability engineers to develop the Moxi U-I.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think even a 3rd Emmy would help them?

Mickeleh said...

to quote the punchline of a very old joke about the Yiddish theatre: "It couldn't hurt."

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, somebody will get a nice souvenir out of it

cogwac said...

what will likely help more are the recently granted patents for the basic concept of said Emmy award winning UI. 7,107,532 and 7,107,531

Emmys may be good for marketing and egos, but patents are good for the pocket.