Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Om: Best Zune Review Yet is No Zune Review

Om Malik says he's seen so many luke warm to negative to horror-story reviews of Zune in his RSS reader, that he can't quite bring himself to open the box and review it himself.

Mickeleh's Take
: If you have any advice for Om, click through to his site and post a comment.

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Anonymous said...

This might be slightly unreleated but here's an interesting article comparing the zune and iPod audio quality using frequency analysis. Pretty objective and technical.

Zune vs iPod - Frequency Respose Analysis

Mickeleh said...

evan's link is incomplete.

This link will work.

BTW, Evan, from what I've read, nobody is knocking the excellent sound quality of Zune. There's also concensus that the device U-I is very good. A lot of people even like brown.

Zune gets hit for lack of podcasting support, details of the restrictions on shared music, quality of the install experience, etc.

cogwac said...

I've heard something about having to buy points in order to buy music. Something about buying points in $5 chunks. and a song costs 79 points. but 79 points equals $.99.

This sounds too weird to be true, so I almost hate to ask (and prove that I almost believed it)...

Fact or fiction? (or somewhere in between... like reality TV)

Mickeleh said...

Fact. Microsoft has deveoped its own currency, called Microsoft Points. The current rate of exchange is 80 MS Points = $1.00 USD. Points were introduced on Xbox Live. The exchange rate allows Micosoft to list a song for 79 points, which might strike some users as cheaper than iTunes 99 cents.

There's talk of Microsoft allowing users to earn Points by, say, distributing music through the WiFi sharing method.

Since you have to purchase points in advance, Microsoft is in a position to clean up on the float.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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