Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dreamgirls Didn't Merit Top Oscar Nominations

I don't know why anybody is scandalized that Dreamgirls missed out on nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Actress. Those nominations weren't merited. Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy earned their nominations in the "Best Supporting..." categories. Dreamgirls still leads the field with a total of eight nominations.

Mickeleh's Take: [Spoiler Alert] Here's the trap they dug for themselves. The story is how an electrifying and overweight singer gets pushed out of a girl group while a bland, pretty backup singer with more TV and cross-over appeal is promoted to lead. Guess what that means? The story forces the most exciting character (singer and actor) off the screen. Once Jennifer Hudson goes away, most of the energy goes out of the picture. The bland pretty girl just can't carry the weight. At least when Hitchcock bumped off Janet Leigh early on, he left us with Tony Perkins to take us the rest of the way home.

[Edited to remove a spoiler. Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out. I'm going to delete the comment now, because it quotes the spoiler. Apologies to all those for whom I spoiled the movie.]

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