Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dear NBC: Tone Down the Heroes Spoilers, Please

I share Jeremy Toeman's complaint about NBC airing too many spoilers in their promos for Heroes. It's not just the "next week on..." preview at the end of the episode—I know those are coming and I can duck them.
But, as Jeremy points out, NBC is peppering clips from Heroes throughout their schedule. You never know when they're going to hit. (Hey, NBC, don't force me to use the nifty 30-second skip button on my Moxi to blow past all your promos and ads. I know you don't want that. But what choice do you give me? Oh yeah, I can stop watching anything on NBC except Heroes.)

Mickeleh's Take: It's getting worse. The newest wrinkle is to run promos within the episode for something that will happen in the next act. Gimme a break here. Heroes is a hit is because of WOM, WOW, and WOB (word of mouth, web, and blog). It's built to hold an audience. Trust it. If it ain't in the writing, casting, & production, then pimping an explosion in Act IV, won't get me past Act I. If I need an explosion fix, I'll reach for the DVD of SCTV and watch Farm Film Report. They blowed up things real good.

BTW: Check out Jeremy's Unofficial Heroes Drinking Game. But not if you're driving. There have been some chugs in recent episodes.

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Jeremy Toeman said...


Glad to see I'm not the only one! This week's episodes mini-spoilers were really intolerable. I also was stunned to see them put the actor who played Linderman's name in the credits (not writing it, in order to avoid spoiling for others)! Talk about anti-climactic...


Michael Markman said...

The credit may be hard to avoid. I'll bet it's in the actor's contract. There are rare instances where actors agree to uncredited appearances, but in Hollywood, credits are part of the coin you get paid with.