Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Framing and Protecting the Internet (Doc Searls)

Any post that includes the words "Feh!" and "Framing" is going to get my attention. When the topic concerns the nature (socially and generationally, not technologically) of the Internet and how to nurture its best aspects, it will draw me in. I'm sure to be distracted by commerce and my day job before joining this conversation in any useful way. But, at least I've pointed to it. It's the least I can do—and on most days, sadly, the most I can do.

At risk is the internet as a level playing field and equal opportunity connector as companies press for the ability to offer different classes of service. Doc Searls is keying off these observations by Kevin Marks on how different generations view and use the net. (BTW, one of the early proponents of a better, faster, higher quality-of-service—and private— internet back in bubble days was Enron Broadband division, back in the news as Kenny boy's trial gets underway.)


Michael Markman said...

One of the more important I've read, as well, Doc.