Sunday, February 19, 2006

Now that it's over, it's time to start.

Yes, I'm late to the party. How late? In this morning's NYT, Safire explains the jargon of blogging. In other words, the fat lady has sung.

And, since the party's over, the pressure's off. And I may as well jump in. Welcome to my blog.


Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...

I trip when I begin to talk about "validating" the subjective narrative. Because, of course, it's never in need of /validation/ ... which is sorta the point. And even when the "data" is questionable (see cog- and social-psych on "self-reporting"), the personhood remains. (Tonight for the first time I crafted "Information contra data ... and the pershonhood slips through the distributed middle.)

So when I see how you started blogging not quite 2 years ago ... I have to know there's something there.

I started creating a "web log" months after meeting the web for the first time, so that would be late winter '95 / early spring '96. I was /very/ reluctant in taking up the software ... none of it was doing what I wanted, and all of it felt limiting. (So I was not an early fan of Dave Winer's work, though I knew of him very well back then.)

"User cases" ... a technocratic way of acknowledging the foundational value.

Would you ever essaie, however slightly, on just what failed to draw you? As you see above, I have objective factoids to hind behind ... the subjectivity of my story is long-gone. (I might be able to conjure it up, if ever I thought it was apropos, which isn't likely.)

and again best of '08 to you

Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...

Again, synchronicity. ("Wisdom lives in the cracks" ... ponder out-lying data ... now the fractalinear nature of biological activity ... heh, like cold fusion; entirely improbable! *grin*)

I happened to be working my various gmail accounts before commenting and so, to verify that I had adopted the right persona (my other 2: one is hippie-dippie and the other is for my Buddhist sangha project) I clicked on my Profile.

And I tripped over a datum I hadn't known ... it shocked me, in fact:
On Blogger Since January 2002

huh huh ... so it took me almost 6 years to start "blogging". ;-P