Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bunch o' Recos: Check these out

Here are some new things I encountered this week worth passing on:

CoverFlow Screenshot CoverFlow brings visual browsing to iTunes. It simulates the experience of flipping through album covers. If you have cover art, here's a virtual return to the days of hanging out at Tower and flippin' the bins. The app will even find and pull down art from the web. There's a bunch of CoverFlow screenshots on Flickr. (still in beta) (Does this mean I have to go fill in all the blanks in my cover art? Oy.) The killer missing feature? If only you could pull out the album, turn it over and read the liner notes.

This week's On the Media podcast has a good bit on how control of vocabulary and language tilts political debate—usually to the right. Don't get cynical on me and dismiss it as warmed-over Lakoff. But they're still doing it. It's still potent. A refresher course wouldn't hurt. (There's a bright note: Bush incompetence, mendacity, and inattention is rapidly becoming the ├╝berframe for everything.)

Michael Witlin called my attention to the superbly designed and executed We Will Not Be Silenced an audio-visual diatribe reviving the powerful peace and justice message of Dr. King. (hint scroll up slightly to get the competing animated ad for AIM out of your browser window.)