Tuesday, March 14, 2006

But it was the day AFTER it aired

I was asked what's so bad about revealing the ending of the Sopranos the day after it aired. Look, my company makes the Moxi Media Center, which includes a fine DVR. While I watched the ep on Sunday night, my roommate was planning on a delayed viewing. Until he saw Keith that is.


Anonymous said...

but my point, was that keith wasn't alone. it was talked about on the today show, cnn, on google news and in yesterday's newspapers.

just because episodes can be recorded to be played later, doesn't mean the rest of the world needs to keep quiet on the story.

everyone was talking about the show. even me, and i don't even watch it!

Michael Markman said...

I'd rather not discuss plot details with anyone who hasn't seen the show or movie.

Of course, Keith can say anything he wants on his show. And I hope he keeps holding Bush's feet to the fire (note: NSA... that's a metaphor for heaven's sake).

But I choose not to watch anymore. (I stopped watching Siskel and Ebert until Eber died and was replaced. I'm hard core about plot revelations.)

(Please don't tell me what Rosebud is.)