Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Got my Monday nights back

The following post is written between 7:00 A.M and 8:00 A.M

(It contains spoilers for those haven't seen the conclusion of this season's 24.)

Whew! 24 wrapped up. Now there's only one evil weaselly president in my life.

Add my non-member-in-the-Academy votes for Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin for Emmies. What richly nuanced and powerful performances. Totally captivating. Very gratifying for the writers to give Martha the key role in bringing down Charles.

On the other hand, not gratifying to let Miles slink away without a comeuppance.

My, those Chinese work fast... whisking Jack away, getting him into that nasty beat-up pulpy-face makeup, stashing him in the cargo hold of a slow boat to China, and getting the boat out on the high seas all in the space of a couple of minutes. (Maybe they helicoptered out to the boat?). If they can move that fast, we could have next season done in 12.

As for Jack taking the call from "Kim"from a land line in a deserted building ... it's of a piece with neglecting hour after hour to upload the incriminating evidence to some other device. These guys whip files around from device-to-device as a matter of routine. Except, of course, when it will further the plot not to. Get over it.

I was using Moxi to skip most of the commercials, but I'm glad to have caught the undead President Palmer selling me insurance before he got back into the coffin ahead of the sunrise for the last act.