Tuesday, August 15, 2006

AdAge: Comcast's ambitious online goals

The video to the home game continues to get more interesting and more complex.

We've seen the first moves of the program owners are using iTunes, Google video, and their own sitesto route around the walled gardens of the multi-channel providers (e.g. Comcast, DirecTV, Verizon).

We've seen News Corp announce plans to use MySpace as an on demand video store.

Now comes word of broad initiative by Comcast to route around these burgeoning Web aggregators and maximize online video viewing through its own online video walled garden. AdAge has the scoop. Comcast has a lot of pieces already in place
  • Audience: they are the country's largest broadband internet provider--and 70% of their customers use the Comcast online portal.
  • Content: based on their cable video carriage deals, they have both relationships and leverage to bring high-valued content to the Web
  • Infrastructure: By acquiring The Platform earlier this year they have technology for aggregating, managing, and distributing video content in multiple formats
Mickeleh's Take: The Web 2.0 gang will be tempted to dismiss Comcast the way they continually misunderestimated AOL back in the twentieth century. I wouldn't. But I would get busy to do everything we can to preserve net neutrality.

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