Friday, September 22, 2006

The joke that took me six months to write

Back when I was doing standup, I jotted a premise for a joke onto an index card. There was something funny in it, but is wasn't a joke yet. I wrote this:
A scratch-and-sniff map
And I put the card away. Six month's later, I went through my joke premise cards and I was suddenly hit with the punchline:
... of New Jersey
. Why do I bring this up now? Because Gawker has a map to the smells of the New York subway

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Michael Markman said...

Six months? It's been thirty years and I'm still waiting for the laugh.

When I moved from New York to California, Jimmy Brogan suggested that I change New Jersey to some local reference--maybe El Segundo. I tried many towns... never got the laugh. Switched back to New Jersey, and the laugh came back

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get's a scratch and sniff joke. I tried it. It stinks.

Anonymous said...
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