Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Favorite 2:49 Minutes of TV Comedy from the Fifties

Brightcove, causing some buzz for its new deal to share ad revenues with video producers, has a channel of clips from the Museum of Broadcast Communications. For Boomers it's nostalgia. For Xers and Nexters it's archeology. This surreal bit never fails to crack me up.

Mickeleh's Take: This bit is one of the supreme achievements of comedy genius. Ever. I'm eternally dumbfounded as to how its creator developed it. You might suspect drugs, but that really doesn't explain it. As for Brightcove's new business model, if sharing ad revenues helps them attract good new stuff, all the better. If it's only a magnet for infomercials, I'll just link to the dead geniuses, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

it's so... so... black and white.