Sunday, October 29, 2006

NPR wants to stop me from using an iPod in the car

NPR wants to kill the low powered personal FM transmitters that folks use to play iPods and satellite radio through the car FM radio. And I just found a decent one that works with my Nano.

Ironies abound: Doc Searls points out he subscribes to Sirius to listen to NPR. I use my nano to timeshift NPR via podcasts. (That's a half-lie. I use it to listent to music and podcasts, among which are NPR shows.) Matt Murray notes, "So the funding from Joan B. Kroc, is going to try and smite the FM modulators and satellite radio, instead of expanding a news department or two."

Mickeleh's Take: Just when I was getting over my disappointment with NPR for canning Bob Edwards, they're joining the ranks of old-line media whose strategy for success is to thwart the desires of its customers. The record industry can fill you in on how well that works.

BTW, is this even a problem? Have you ever had interference in the car from a personal FM transmitter?

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Anonymous said...

I have had a little disruption, but only if myself and the person next to me are both using our ipod/satalite transmitters.

Michael Markman said...

I don't think NPR would object if personal transmitters interfere with other personal transmitters The question is whether they interfere with NPR or other FM stations.