Monday, November 06, 2006

DVR is Key to Campaign Ad Survival

I'm sure that if I didn't have a DVR with a skip button, I'm not sure I could have survived the last month. Most of the accelerating barrage of witless political ads w. In the middle of last week, I saw a TV ad for Comcast soliciting campaign and issue ads. My first thought was, they're running this pretty late in the season aren't they? Surely all the buys have been made. Silly me. Much news today about intrusive robo-calls. If you're a TV watcher, the political commercials are as intrusive. I'm glad that DVR technology provides the means to hang up on them.


Anonymous said...

the "mute" button works for those of us watching in real time.

woid said...

Tomorrow, here in California, we're going to vote on a proposition, Prop 89, that would publicly fund elections -- and, according to someone somewhere on the tubes (forget where I saw it this morning) would CUT the number of political commercials IN HALF.

Wouldn't that be sweet. Unfortunately, I've also been reading that Prop 89 is a goner. It's been opposed by anybody who has a stake in the current system -- business and labor interests alike -- because it would lessen their influence. I'm gonna vote for it anyway.

[Also, YES on 86 & 87, and a huge NO!!!! on 90, the taking of property rights initiative. And let's vote in Debra Bowen as Cali SecState. Her number one issue is cleaning up elections.]

Anonymous said...

tonight, stations have started the switch from politics to christmas...ugh!

Michael Markman said...
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Michael Markman said...

Tis the season for TV ad sales. It's not just the shopping ads, but it's all the major motion picture hopefuls with tens of millions of marketing dollars.

I'm even getting tired of Happy Feet. I think I've seen the whole picture already.