Sunday, November 12, 2006

Microsoft to Rocketboom's Baron: An Offer He CAN Refuse

Andrew Baron says no thanks to Microsoft's quid pro quo for cross-promoting Rocketboom and Zune. Not only does Baron declare himself happy with Apple, but according to Dave Winer, one of the strings attached to the offer would have prevented Rocketboom from ever disparaging Microsoft.

Mickeleh's Take: It's good to know that not everything is for sale. (We're living in a post-11/7 world now.) Besides, if the Web were somehow purged of all disparagement of Microsoft, the sudden glut of server space and bandwidth would be overwhelming and might capsize the entire internet infrastructure business.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to interject a fact in your otherwise pristine post, but hey ...
You write: "one of the strings attached to the offer would have prevented Rocketboom from ever disparaging Microsoft."

It'd be better for all of us to know his assertion was wrong AND on par with what one would expect from a blogger who coos "I love Apple" in the middle of his post.

That's a straight quote by the way. It's called documentation.

Michael Markman said...

The fact you're interjecting is what? That Baron wrote, "I love Apple"? (What he actually wrote was, "I really love Apple.")

Or maybe the fact that you're interjecting is there was no "non-disparagement" clause in the Microsoft deal? (Andrew posts the text, "You may not display the Logo(s) on any site that disparages Microsoft or its products or services..." As I take it, it's a two-step deal: 1. The sponsorship requires displaying a logo. 2. displaying the logo forbids disparagement. Bottom line the deal forbids disparagement.)

So the only other assertion you made that might qualify as a fact is that you have very low expectation of "a blogger who coos 'I love Apple' in the middle of his post."

In which case, point taken. I won't coo that. But I will coo this: "I love my Macs and my iPods."