Friday, December 22, 2006

He's Spartacus And He's 90 And He Has A Message For Gen Y

Missed this one first time around, but picked up a link to it on Jeremy Toeman's blog.

Kirk Douglas issued a 90th birthday message to Gen Y (and all of us): please fix the mess the world is in.
Generation Y, you are on the cusp. You are the group facing many problems: abject poverty, global warming, genocide, AIDS, and suicide bombers to name a few. These problems exist, and the world is silent. We have done very little to solve these problems. Now, we leave it to you. You have to fix it because the situation is intolerable.
Mickeleh's Take: And together we rise and answer in fervent solidarity, "I'm Spartacus." Oh, wait. That means we get crucified.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there the part about birthday wishes where if you tell it to someone it won't come true? Hopefully that isn't the case with this wish.

Michael Markman said...

I never knew about that part. Maybe that's why I have had such rotten success with my wishes. OK, next year I'm not telling