Monday, January 15, 2007 Dead: "Good Career Move"?

When Elvis died, the quip was, "Good Career Move." (Google was of no help in sourcing that quote. Did Colonel Parker say it? Did Michael O'Donoghue? If you know, hit the comments.) Indeed it was. Until passed by Kurt Cobain last year, Elvis was the top-ranking earner among dead celebrities. And Kurt will have some ways to go before passing Elvis's lifetime(?) dead earnings.

Yesterday, Greg Linden, the founder-developer of announced yesterday that he's ceasing development and letting the site drift on life-support.

I had never heard of Findory until I saw a death-notice in Om Malik's blog. Turns out it's a clever news aggregator that learns what you like and keeps getting smarter about what it shows you. Unlike, say Techmeme and its sister sites, which follow the broad conversation to promote articles. Findory follows your interests.

Mickeleh's Take: Findory looks pretty good and it has a devoted fan base. While Greg is ceasing further development, he thinks the site can drift on autopilot through the rest of the year. I wonder if the added attention brought by its death notice will actually give it a new lease on life or stir the pot for an acquisition. I can think of a few companies that might benefit from good personalization and recommendation algorithms.

I expect dead Elvis will still beat dead Findory in revenues, but for the extra burst of publicity, killing off Findory might prove to be another good career move.

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