Monday, January 01, 2007

Zune: from "iPod Killer" to "Can it Beat Sansa?"

When the pre-release drumbeat for Zune started back in July '06, it seemed that nobody could write about it without using the phrase "iPod Killer." Today, Todd Bishop in the P-I questions whether Zune can even beat the Sansa Rhapsody from SanDisk and RealNetworks. (This in an article that views nearly every Microsoft initiative for 2007 as an "issue.")

Jefferson Graham, in the USA Today "Talking Tech" podcast, panned Zune so thoroughly that he threw in a prediction that we won't even be talking about it next year.

Mickeleh's Take: Just in case Jefferson is right, I thought I'd get in one last post on Zune. But doesn't Microsoft DNA force them to keep a product going through a version 3.0?

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