Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amazon Video Downloads; Now with the Great Taste of TiVo

The battle for movies online just got a lot hotter. Amazon's Unbox is coming to a TiVo near you. This makes things a lot simpler. Steve Poland on Techcrunch says "Amazon steals Walmart's thunder." But there wasn't that much thunder to steal.

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Mickeleh's Take: Yesterday's Take is now slightly obsolete. Call this Take Two: The video download game is decidedly less geeky this morning. Now there are two top tier players with attractive end-to-end solutions: Apple, and Amazon-TiVo. Except that the potential TiVo audience is tiny (1.5 million with broadband connections). Apple TV has a zero audience today, but rumors on AppleInsider suggest they could easily outpace TiVo within a year.

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