Friday, March 16, 2007

Robert's Rules of Order: Scoble Nabs Three of Top Four Slots in Google Search for "Robert"

Search Google for "Robert" today and three of the top four results are for popular blogger Robert Scoble. Mysterously, an obscure actor who once played fictional taxi driver Travis Bickle and actual boxer Jake LaMotta manages to squeeze it into slot three.

Microsoft's lists the Wikipedia article on the name "Robert" first, and then moves on to a pantheon of iconic Roberts, such as composer Schumann...poets Burns, Frost and Service... actors DeNiro, Iler, Prosky, Duvall, Downey Jr., and Mitchum... comedian Schimmel, blues maestro Johnson... photographer Mapplethorpe, wine maker Mondavi, attorney general and senator Kennedy, authors Sabuda and Stevenson ... singer Palmer, pig farmer and serial killer Pickton... and Broadway's own Goulet. You'll go through pages of Roberts before running into geek blogger Scoble.

Guess which one Scoble thinks is a better search engine?

Mickeleh's Take: Will "will Google supplant Microsoft" supplant "Mac vs. Windows" as stronger link bait?

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