Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Google Docs May Be Good. Their Video is Great

Today, Google fills out their online application suite with a presentation tool. I don't have time to evaluate it and review it. I don't need to, because I'm sure that others are rushing to do so. Check with Techmeme.

What I'd like to do is review the marketing video that introduces the concept on Google's blog. The video was made by CommonCraft and it's brilliant in its simplicity and clarity. CommonCraft, by the way, is two folks who live just across the lake from me in Seattle: Lee and Sachi LeFever.

They found simple visual metaphors, a low-cost production technique and, above all, they make the benefit of the product crystal clear. If you need to explain something complex, get in touch with these folks.

Mickeleh's Take: I love that you can see the strings. That's the coolest thing about this video.


Anonymous said...

you should do p.r. for them. maybe the voice-over, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickeleh!
Thanks for the link and the kind words from across the lake. Funny that you mention the strings - some have asked about that and our attitude is that there is a bit of puppetry involved in our videos.

Michael Markman said...

Just don't show the video to Sen. Stevens. Next thing, he'll be telling us the internet is just a series of strings.

Anonymous said...

couldn't stay focused on the video... kept noticing the hairy arm. (isn't there an advertising story about this?)

Michael Markman said...

If there is, cogwac, please tell it. I know there's a book about King Kong called "The Girl in the Hairy Paw." But I don't know about hairy arms.