Monday, October 22, 2007

Oops! New iPhone Ad Refers to a Site That Requires Flash

Oops. Watching TV last night, I saw an embarrassing new spot in the iPhone testimonial campaign. It features Ken Davenport, producer of the off-Broadway play, My First Time.

He talks about how he uses iPhone to access the fan site for his play and gauge audience reaction.

I happened to have my iPhone in my pocket. I Googled "My First Time" and found the play's website. Oops! It's a Flash site. And iPhone doesn't run Flash.

You can watch the Apple spot here.

Mickeleh's Take: Maybe I should do a testimonial about how watching TV with the iPhone in hand lets me be a goofy nerd and bust commercials.

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Anonymous said...!

Anonymous said...

I saw the commercial too. Googled it. Same result, flash site. Now I'm googling (on my iPhone) trying to see how they did it on the commercial. No luck yet. I think I might just call 1800myiphone and see what they say.

Anonymous said...

Well....1800myiphone is closed.
But I did figure out how to get the same screen they showed on the commercial.

On the iPhone address bar, type...

But I only found that once I went to the plays website from my desktop.
In the commercial, Davenport says 'MyFirstTime has a fansite' which I haven't been able to locate yet. But I have sent an e-mail to Mr. Davenport asking if he can help me out.

Michael Markman said...

Please post here if you find it. I did a brief bit of Googling when I wrote the original post, but came up dry.

Anonymous said...

Well, no reply from Mr. Davenport, but I did call 1800myiPhone again.

I explained that I was trying to get to a website that I saw on an iPhone commercial. He was watching it too once I told him which one it was on the Apple site. I told him I can see it on my desktop, and it is flash, but how did they get to it on the commercial?
He tells me he needs to research this a little...can I hold. Sure, I'll wait.
So I wait.
Wait a little more.

Ah...Ok, Justin, here's what you do...In your address bar, type
(that sounds familiar)

It's kinda funny. I wonder if his research involved Google and he found this blog? (now i wish i hadn't posted that last post)

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