Thursday, November 22, 2007

Super Cool Saudi Arabia

So, I log on to Facebook and see that my Saudi friend, Essam Al-Ghalib as joined a group called "Super Cool Saudi Arabia." For a minute, I thought it was about the hip side of the kingdom. Turns out that Super Cool is a distributor of window films and coatings that help insulate automobiles and homes against the hot climate.

Mickeleh's Take: If global warming continues, we all may be looking to join the cool kids.


Francine Hardaway, Ph.D said...

Facebook ads. Blech!

Anonymous said...

global warming... sounds so pleasant

Anonymous said...

Jeff just told me about your blog so thought I'd check it out. I remember those days at the comedy club too.

I have a new web-site.

Michael Markman said...
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Michael Markman said...

judy's blog, better URL

Judy left a typo in the URL for her knitting blog.

this is correct:

Knitting blogs put the URL in PURL.

Anonymous said...

I check in occasionally to see if there's any life left in this not-quite-dead-yet blog about Marketing, Technology, and Media, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?... some great new stuff: a referral for knitting tips. I'm in stitches.