Friday, December 28, 2007

How to Use FlickrFan with AppleTV

I had a couple of inquiries about how I set up FlickrFan to work with AppleTV. Here's how:

To use Photos on AppleTV, you need to sync it with with one of the computers on your home network. I'll assume you've done that.

From the computer that is sync'd to AppleTV launch iTunes. (This is counter-intuitive for many. You'd guess that you'd manage the photos in iPhoto. But it's iTunes that is the master ap for AppleTV. It's a similar U-I to sync'ing with iPhone)

In the iTunes sidebar navigation, select AppleTV and then select the Photos tab. (By the way, you can select iPhone from the sidebar and follow these steps to sync your FlickrFan feeds to your iPhone. It's a tethered update, not a wireless sync, but still... it's cool.)

There's a pop-up menu that manages which photos get downloaded from your computer to your AppleTV. The two choices are to select some albums from iPhoto, or to point AppleTV to a specific folder on your hard disk drive. Select Choose folder...

Then navigate to screenSaverPics inside your Pictures folder. This is the folder where FlickerFan places the photos it downloads from Flickr and the AP.

Each feed appears in its own sub-folder.

Click the button for Selected Photos. Check the ones you want on your AppleTV. In the lower right of iTunes click Apply, then Sync. (The other choice puts all of the photos into one collection. Using this choice lets you be selective in your viewing. And you still get the option to view all.)

Allow a few minutes for the transfer (depending on the speed of your local network). and Voila!

The feeds are there ready for TV viewing. You can look at the whole collection or any individual folder.

Mickeleh's Take: So easy, even a marketing dink can do it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up. I've also got an aTV that I just set up in about 10 minutes. Works great with some of the more interesting tagged images.

Howard said...

Thanks for pointing this out; it works great for me.

Are there are other Flickr feeds you'd recomment?

Michael Markman said...

Finding great photos is going to be the key to whether this application takes off. One place to start is to look at the list of folks who have registered as users of the software.

Anonymous said...

Can you share the RSS feed that flickrfan uses to pull the AP wire photos? I don't have a mac handy so I can't check myself.

Michael Markman said...

I think you should ask Dave Winer if he can share that. He's made a direct arrangement with AP.