Thursday, January 24, 2008

Such A Review! Newsweek's Steven Levy Starts with a Mohel Metaphor

Three of the four popular press computer mavens have just published their reviews of Apple's MacBook Air. Surprisingly, they say more or less the same things that the bloggers said right after the keynote based on the specs. Go figure.

I'm sure that Ed Baig (USA Today) and Walt Mossberg (WSJ) have valid points of view on Apple's oh so thin sub-notebook. But only Steven Levy (Newsweek) is worth reading. Because only Steven starts his review with a mohel metaphor (Mohel is Hebrew term for ritual circumciser). I believe this is unprecedented in tech reviews.

Mazel Tov, Steven. I'm kvelling here. I want to give your cheek such a pinch.

Update, Turns out the fourth pezzonovate reviewer was actually first; David Pogue, devoted a piece of his Macworld Keynote roundup to MacBook Air last week. See comments.)

Mickeleh's Take: I know this is a just a short post. But if you rub a little...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, FOUR of the four major reviewers have now weighed in... it's just that my MacBook Air review appeared LAST week. :)


Michael Markman said...

Thanks for the correction.

Michael Markman said...

A bit of quick Googling turns up that I wasn't the only one who thought David Pogue was missing in action in the round of MacBook Air reviews that went up last night.

But where I initially just omitted mentioning Pogue, Gizmodo features editor Wilson Rothman posted a pointed piece chiding Pogue for being absent without leave. Rothman didn't take Pogue's correction with grace, but escalated by questioning whether a review based on a visit to the Macworld booth could "really count."

Pogue's reply details a very thorough suite of tests. Snap. Gizmodo editor Brian Lam had to concede: "Genius move. It's one for the blog playbooks. "

Anonymous said...

Like watching a bad car wreck, I had to click on the "circumcision" label to see what else you've written on that topic. Only one result -- this post-- or, maybe the results were cut short?