Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keeping My Old iPhone (for now)

iPhone 2.0 software delivers 80% or more of the value of the new iPhone HW. I know uber geeks will need the HW upgrade too. They can’t take the embarassment of being seen with an iPhone with a metal back. (Hint: put it in a case. Nobody will know.)

The new HW offers some peachy improvements: faster network, more accurate location finding, improved sound (kind of important in a phone). There's a rude awakening though, folks are discovering that running all those new radios will give you shorter battery life than the first gen iPhone.

The truly revolutionary advances are available through a software upgrade: App store… push notifications… MS Exchange integration… Enterprise IT support… push synchronization with PC’s and Macs… and above all an SDK and developer program. (memo to self: come back and translate this paragraph to human readable language.)

As someone in Redmond said quite famously: “developers! developers! developers!

Mickeleh's Take: If you don’t have iPhone yet, the new total value proposition should give you plenty of reasons to consider.

If you have a first gen… you really don’t NEED the upgrade except to meet irrational urges. (But if it weren’t for irrational urges, life would be pretty dull.)


Mongoos150 said...

I'm an "ubergeek" and I WILL NOT be upgrading. I love my metal-backed iPhone. It looks better than the new ones first of all - secondly, it was easily unlocked months ago. Third, my battery life can run circles around anyone with a 3G iPhone, and finally, 3G iPhones can't even take advantage of faster network speeds half the time (at least on the west coast - my boyfriend's 3G iPhone is usually in EDGE mode - in downtown LA).

Michael Markman said...

Not only an "ubergeek" but a wise "ubergeek" I'll hold out for the iPhone that has a second camera on the screen side for video conferencing and vlogging.

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