Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Flavor Packet Song

This is completely crazy and is mainly a testament to how deranged the world has become. I have (for the day, anyway) a top-rated music video on YouTube. 

It's an original song by me (vocal, ukulele, MIDI drums and piano). As of now it's the #27 highest-rated music video on YouTube. (That ranking will, no doubt, start moving south as newer and better videos appear.)

BREAKING: Now it's #18!

The response has been incredible, despite the fact that I struggle to sing on pitch, can barely play, and I'm just stumbling around in the dark on GarageBand, Motion, and the ukulele.

It was done as a guest appearance on a channel called VlogRamen. They call their guest vloggers "Flavor Packets of the Week." Which is why the song is called "The Flavor Packet Song.")

In the UK, it's called "The Flavour Packet Song."


Anonymous said...

the song dances in my brain. love the video!

Anonymous said...

We are delving into what people do with music, and this is a great example of fun originality, congratulations! You made us smile. We are going to mention this so a few more people can enjoy.

Alex Doman & Don Campbell

Anonymous said...

never imagined you as a flavor packet but now am convinced of the new identity. your growing talent as singer/song writer/filmmaker is impressive Michael. Loved the academy award persona -- you'll get there yet!

Carole D

Unknown said...

Wow this is really wonderful, i really enjoyed this blog especially that video. Thats awesome.Great work, keep it up. would like to some more work from you.

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