Monday, November 27, 2006

Proto-Karaoke: Sing A Song With Riddle

Album Cover, Sing a Song with RiddleNelson arranges. You sing.

Long before karaoke (well, long before I heard of it, anyway), Capitol issued an album of Nelson Riddle backing tracks, "Sing a Song with Riddle."

The year was 1959. Riddle was at the height of his powers. For perspective, that's the year he backed Ella on the incomparable five-LP Gershwin Songbook. It falls right between the Sinatra masterpieces, "Only the Lonely" and "Sinatra Swingin' Session." If you ever wanted to brush up your Sinatra impression (or for you youngsters, your Michael Bublé), here's the real deal. Long, long out of print on LP. Finally released on CD (July 2006).

You won't find it on iTunes, but Amazon sells it. Packaged with a never-before-released collection of Riddle charts for nursery rhymes.

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