Thursday, December 21, 2006

Viral Marketing: Bass-o-Matic meets Will it Float

This idea has been floating out there since Dan Aykroyd first whipped up a fish smoothie for Laraine Newman on SNL in 1976. Combine a dash of Letterman's "Will it Float" segment, and you have the perfect torture-test demo-challenge for a powerful blender.

Will it Blend? throws various objects (Hockey Pucks, iPod, Thanksgiving Dinner, Golf Balls, and more.) into the BlendTec Total Blender for the amusement of the Web audience.

Your Take: Think it will boost sales?


Anonymous said...

it raised my interest.

cogwac said...

I just need to blend a milkshake, maybe a margarita every now and then (more now than then)...

I'm not paying $400 so I can blend an ipod or a golf club.

Mickeleh said...

The rumors say that Apple is about to blend an iPod with a mobile phone. Will that separate you from your $400?

Half of CES is going to be products that blend various functions, maybe this super-duper blender is a shortcut for product marketers everywhere.

cogwac said...

depends on how they blend it -- often it seems these blendo things can do many things, but few well.

first, what's the size? (have you picked up a Helio? ugh). and how well does it do the basics?

I'm thinking Apple will get it pretty close to right though, so I have reserved the $300 I had left after buying the cheaper blender.
if they don't, at least I have plenty of bucks to buy more tequila, triple sec and lime to blend.