Saturday, January 06, 2007

CES: "Getcha Gear and Software Here. Gear and Software!"

My RSS reader popped up this morning with a good news, no news joke. A New York Times article about CES starts with this lede:
For a small technology company called Digeo, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest opportunities of the year.
Talk about winning the lottery: 2700 companies show up at CES and Digeo makes it into the first sentence of a New York Times article. Nice PR coup. [Addendum: In the paper, this article is a section A front-pager. HP, IBM, and DirecTV don't even show up until the jump to the business section, C9]

That's the good news. The no news? Authors Brad Stone and Damon Darlin neglect to mention the brand of the product, what it does, or why you'd want it. Digeo is identified only as a company "which makes gear and software for home entertainment." Gear and software? That pretty much narrows it down, doesn't it? Aren't we all on the prowl for gear and software?

I need to mention that the article is not your typical geek-drooling-on-silicon CES coverage. It's a business story that examines what companies spend to go to CES.

Mickeleh's Take: Just to complete the record. The product is Moxi. It's an Emmy-award winning HDTV DVR and home media center. It has what Rob Enderle calls the best user-interface of any product in the category. And I'm paid to plug it.

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