Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nick Carr: The SteveNote vs the BillNote

Nick Carr talks about the difference between the CES keynote by Bill Gates, which is pretty well forgotten (Spot Quiz: What did Gates talk about this year? What did he demo?) and the Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote which is still reverberating through the real and virtual universes. Nick boils it down to, "Gates wants to sell platforms. Jobs just wants to make tools."

Mickeleh's Take: I think Nick gets the part about Gates right. But about Jobs, not so much. Remember this is a guy who put a Boesendorfer piano and a BMW motorcycle in the atrium of the building where the Mac team worked just so they'd always be in touch with product excellence. He used to say, "insanely great." He dropped the phrase, but not the aspiration. Steve treats product design as a fine art. He wants to astound us. And he does.

Bill: So, we think people will want to put a headless server in their closet to back up all their digital media and keep it safe.

Steve: Look at this iPhone. Closer... Closer... ***Boom***

Bottom line: We can't stop talking about the iPhone; As for the server, what happens in the closet stays in the closet.

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