Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Video Demo of Apple TV

Todd Howard at Zoom In Online has a video demo of Apple TV from Macworld.

Mickeleh's Take: ooooooh! aaaaaah! The U-I, as expected is very cool. I like the ability to browse and play music and videos from iTunes—especially video podcasts. One of Apple's clear intentions for this product is to make buying TV shows and Movies from iTunes even more attractive—now you can view them on TV. Apple shouldn't count on me being a heavy buyer there. The pricing and resolution of the current offering don't entice me.

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Anonymous said...

But can it play content on another computer, such as a server or NAS device, without someone being logged in that computer/server? If not, I'll look elsewhere.

Michael Markman said...

Good question, but it's a question for Apple. I don't know.