Friday, March 23, 2007

Apple TV: Scoble Likes It!

Robert Scoble was an early skeptic about Apple TV. He not only bought my argument (that it would be an easy way to get his own video podcasts on the big TV), he bought the product and now says it rocks.

Mickeleh's Take: Told ya.

(More on Apple TV this weekend when I set mine up. It stings to be such a technoloy laggard.)

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hardie said...

Won't buy one until it can also replace my Airport hub (one less box) and, more importantly can play my wmv and divx downloads. Until then I'll just keep plugging my laptop in with the DVI-HDMI cable so I can watch TopGear on the big screen.

Michael Markman said...

Apple's betting there are enough people who have less stringent requirements than you, Hardie. And less facility with downloading from multiple sources.

Seems to me that Apple has two goals: short-term, to sell a few boatloads of Apple TV hardware and long-term, to establish a beach-head at the TV that links exclusively to the walled garden of iTunes. The competition for Apple isn't the Xbox as a Media Center
Extender, it's the cable box. Hence Starz suing Disney over distributing movies through iTunes.

There are many choices more versatile than Apple TV and lots of folks who will prefer them. But there are few to none more convenient and simple.

I'll have more on this on the weekend. Stay tuned.